Balance, the essence of nature

¨Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better¨.

Albert Einstein 

Leaving a mark has many meanings, it is a fundamental belief in the construction of this project for us.  We seem to have forgotten that we share this home with other living beings.  Remembering that we are the stewards of every piece of land we occupy, can make us much more aware of our responsibility to this planet and those who reside in it. Particularly in moments-, where we have managed to expand our consciousness.

At Rescue we highlight the connection between humans, animals and nature. Our planet requires a balance between all living organism. We want to convey this message using our platforms. Through our philosophy we wish to promote love, respect and empathy so that this balance is persevered. Let’s think about one other and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. That is why we have decided that part of our image is the link for that ties all humans, nature and animals together. We represent each three by bringing awareness to the impact that our mark leaves behind. Here at Rescue, we are certain that you and I can help each other make the world a better place. United we hold the key and power to save our planet. 

Lately, we’ve become more familiar with the terms carbon footprint, and ecological footprint, which measure the number of natural resources used in the production of products and services that we consume. This in addition to the waste that we generate along with it. 

As we move forward our ecological footprint is leaving a bigger and deeper mark on Earth; The current climate crisis we face today is evidence of this. With heart wrenching consequences such as: water deficit, forest fires, melting glaciers, the threat to endangered species and many etceteras that are increasingly alarming.  Faced with this reality, it is that that we not only bring attention to these issues, but also act and change our habits in a way that relates to the overall wellbeing of nature.

With this motivation in mind, we created Rescue, a clothing brand that provides ecofriendly garments, while delivering a message that generates empathy with our world. Thus, inspiring more people to make small changes, that when combined make a big difference.  We want to leave a positive footprint in the world and inspire more people to join us in this commitment.

The search for a natural balance is also evident in our minimalist designs and timeless garments that respond to the desire of people who are increasingly aware of how their consumer decisions can help make a difference.

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Why did we create a clothing brand?  Because through clothing, what we think and feel is communicated, as well as our way of relating to the world.

With functional basics shapes, prints and inspirational messages on our garments, we convey an SOS message to promote sustainability, empathy and provide people with a means to express their commitment to the Earth.  In addition, with the use of materials and the implementation of more sustainable processes, we demonstrate that it is possible to produce garments in an ethical manner that respects the environment and is consistent with the fair treatment of creators. Because it is not possible to think of a sustainable industry if the actions are aimed solely at reducing the use of natural resources.  We must also think about the type of jobs that are generated and what it means for its employee treatment conditions, safety, salary, and benefits.

For this reason, more than just selling a product, at Rescue we work to provide you with an experience of love and an awareness for life.

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