In the circle of life

Nothing is superfluous, and nothing is lacking; everything is balance; In the circle of life, nature is a source of inspiration. Life is the reflection by which we must all guide; we must all contemplate its greatness with love and respect.

Understanding that having better habits and a healthy relationship with nature transcends the sense of individual responsibility and implies searching for a way to live in balance with other species and with communities is essential for us to continue on earth, at home. Everyone and on which we depend to survive.

It is essential to ensure that fashion and every consumer decision we make about different aspects of our lives are motivated and aligned with respect for all life types.

Our garments and our way of acting as a brand arise from these convictions.

At Rescue, we want to be part of the change and make fashion make peace with the Earth. To do this, we inspired by the wisdom of nature: nothing waste in it.

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That is why our creations and processes are made based on the circular economy. We love this concept because it seeks to transform and make the most of the resources, we use from the moment we conceive our garments until they reach the people who identify with our natural style and a responsible fashion proposal.

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With what we believe and feel:

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Conscious conception

Since we dreamed of creating the brand, we have become convinced that our fashion proposal is a way of celebrating nature, inviting people to dress with awareness, and rethinking the way garments produce to mitigate our world's actions, closing the circles. 
Hand in hand with many people with experience in sustainability and who work motivated by love and empathy with the planet, we design our products and processes with standards that allow us to mitigate the impacts on environmental resources and reduce carbon footprint.


Responsible processes

Our products are made with recycled cotton bases that come from used garments. We also use fabrics made from RPET bottles recovered in cleaning activities on beaches, rivers, and other natural environments. This process reduces the pollution of these ecosystems and the impact on the well-being of thousands of animals.

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Buying garments from big brands at low prices always raises questions: how much did they pay for the fabric? Who sewed the garment and under what working conditions? Did you receive a fair payment?,

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware that to achieve the low prices of the fast fashion system, someone, somewhere in the world, is paying a high cost by submitting to unworthy work dynamics.

By creating a slow fashion brand and producing small quantities of each reference, we can follow up on each product to ensure that, from its birth with the procurement of raw materials to delivery to buyers, they are made with environmental sustainability parameters and the social commitment to promote jobs that allow people to improve their quality of life and that of their families.


Less trash, more humanity

As the labels inform and not contaminate, we opted to use packaging and souvenirs made from recycled material. Because we are aware that consumption decisions must also consider post-consumption, these can reuse, recycled, and germinal.

Additionally, we make the most of our supplies to avoid the generation of waste; An example of this is that we use the scraps leftover from the cut of the fabric to make hair ties or scarves for our pets.

Rescue is a brand committed to the care and protection of the environment.

In our daily lives, we avoid the use of plastic, the waste of paper, and the misuse of water resources. We also act to make people aware that with the purchasing and consumption decisions they make every day, they can add to the solution or worsen the problem.

To move from an ideological commitment to practice, our collaborators share our way of seeing the world and act to carry out work consistent with Rescue’s principles. In which transparency and care for ourselves, others, and the environment are first.

That is why, by considering these considerations regarding manufacturing processes, all of our garments design to have a long useful life. In addition to being durable, they are beautiful and timeless. We are proud to be a slow fashion brand when it is necessary to slow down the revolutions in the way of producing and consuming.

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