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Viviana and Paula, the women behind Rescue. A clothing brand that emerged in New York City after an exhaustive analysis that yielded the result that gave life to the main concept of the brand. This concept seeks to demonstrate through clothing that beauty, comfort and style should not arise at the expense of the environment and that our designs can achieve a balance between the environment, animal protection and non-labor exploitation.

The idea started when we, two dreamers, professionals and goal-oriented Colombians, emigrated to the United States where we met, consolidated our friendship and united our ideas and dreams to start this new adventure of creating a company with the little information and resources that were presented to us so far.


Agricultural technologist, enterprising and passionate about nature, especially for animals, is looking for a way to continue with the idea that she brings from his native Colombia: Protect and help vulnerable, mistreated and abandoned animals, but through a profitable business opportunity.


Fashion designer, Elena´s mom, wife, passionate about the environment and vegan in training. With the idea of ​​taking advantage of what fashion represents in the capital of the world; But with the great challenge of applying her experience and philosophy of life to contribute to this new adventure. Create ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly garments.

After a year of doubts and fears, they decided to take on the commitment with maturity and vision to begin to venture into a new world, being aware of everything that lay ahead of them and realizing that to make known the idea they had in mind, they had to be the first to set an example with coherence in order to reach the hearts of people, their potential buyers. Well, as they say “We don’t want to sell a product, it’s quite clear to us, we want to deliver an experience of love and awareness

The dream materialized! Today it is Rescue ...

All raw materials and inputs are obtained with the aim of mitigating the environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint, with organic and natural bases or recovered fibers that conserve natural resources. Although it is a process of constant adjustments and evolution, in which they continually strive to improve their collections.

With Rescue,

an opportunity was identified to contribute, raise awareness and motivate people to care for the environment and animal protection. In addition, something to be highlighted: Rescue donates a percentage of the profits to support animal and environmental causes.
Rescue is aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world,


 it aims to show the world that we can all change those statistics by changing the way we produce inputs. It’s not a new issue; nor is it an easy task to find an eco-friendly alternative, but Rescue was finally able to find the right allies that were consistent with its values. Rescue’s vision is to evolve over time and include new fabrics and products, so that people are aware that we can make products of excellent quality in an integral way and open a knowledge gap. Because the now and the future are in sustainability, functionality, protection and cruelty-free experience.


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